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Hello, and welcome everyone. It’s been a long, but fun, process in the making of the new Runners’ Lounge website. We’re excited to begin with a fresh start and hopefully make improvements on v 1.0 As stated in the email and Runners Lounge post, this change was necessary and couldn’t be avoided. We hope you still come visit and view Runners Lounge as your running resource for information and to connect with other runners. In looking around I’m aware that you will find areas that aren’t working like they use to or have been omitted from the new site. Don’t worry. We are in the process of adding and refining certain areas of the website. We also are interested in your comments. If you have an idea or concern, please feel free to comment below or email us at info@runnerslounge.com


Thanks for checking out the new Runners Lounge and we hope you enjoy.

-Runners’ Lounge

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