Drymax  Running Lite-Mesh Mini Crew


Drymax Lite Mesh Mini Crew

Drymax socks will keep feet drier and more comfortable than any other sock. Drymax sock fibers have MicroZap® technology that actively fights odor-causing bacteria, helping keep socks odor free. The anti-blister system prevents blisters because they are seamlessly smooth and stay dry on the skin. Also breathable mesh creates air flow between toes, top of foot, and the Vented Arch Band; helping feet stay cooler. Drymax socks are developed on special 3D foot shaped models to ensure a true fit.


Moisture causes painful blisters, Athlete’s Foot and toenail fungal infections, odor-causing bacteria, and over-all discomfort. Feet are going to get wet, either from sweating, stepping in puddles, running across wet grass, or getting caught in the rain. And to fight against wet feet, Drymax socks have a dual fiber that’s uniquely knitted together. Inside is the Drymax fibers absorb the moisture and the outer layer repels the moisture, keeping feet drier than ordinary socks. Drymax socks stay dry – You stay dry!


Keep Feet Dry

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